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The Charm and Appeal of Pine Bookcases

There is nothing quite like a pine bookcase to dress up an otherwise dull area in a home or add a touch of warmth to a den, study or living room. Numerous individual’s choose pine bookcases for their casual, warm look. This soft appearance is due to the fact that pine wood features a warmer tone than many other types of wood, and this golden hue is especially attractive in certain indoor light.

Many people prefer an unfinished look when it comes to pine furniture, and since pine is a soft wood that is susceptible to chips and scratches, a pine bookcase is an ideal piece through which this appealing trait can be realised. Over time, the character of the wood will acquire a rustic, earthy appearance that is the perfect accent in rooms of a similar d├ęcor. It is for this reason that some of the best loved pine bookcase styles are natural and rustic, although one is by no means limited to these options.

Pine wood has an appealing colour which lends itself well to many bookcase designs, such as painted, modern, traditional, the aforementioned rustic, and even antique or Mexican styles. A pine bookcase is a must-have piece for log cabin homes or dwellings which are decorated in country style. Additionally, such bookcases are not limited to the storage of books, but can also be used in kitchens to store cookbooks or decorative china, or placed in a hall to display colourful knick-knacks or special photographs.

A great style for some of the aforementioned uses is the Corona Pine Bookcase which features two doors of warm-toned, grainy wood on the bottom, and three attractively designed shelves on the upper half of the piece. Those looking to brighten up a dark room may select the White Province 3′x3′ model, as this model is not only very sturdy, but aesthetically appealing, as well. The Aventa 5 Shelf bookcase is another lovely choice, and this model does not feature a solid back, making it ideal for placement against a colourful wall that can serve as a backdrop for the items placed on its shelves. Regardless of one’s personal taste in pine furniture, there are a vast array of designs from which to choose, and the ideal pine bookcase exists to match the needs of every customer.


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