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Feeling Green? Let’s Take a Look at the Ecological and Other Benefits of Pine Bedroom Furniture Sets

The benefits of pine bedroom furniture sets are many and quite colourful, ranging from the intensely practical to the ferociously passionate. There will always be advocates for one side or the other, stating price, colour, durability, etc., but for me, the issue of ecology and its impact on pine bedroom sets versus other types is definitive, and one that stands out above the other issues.

That pine bedroom sets outshine plastic ones almost goes without saying. Plastic is highly damaging to the ecology, not only through the depletion of the earth’s limited supply of fossil fuels, oil being used heavily in the manufacture of plastics, but also through its inability to be in most cases properly recycled. Why would you want something like that in your bedroom?

Although wood is widely recognized as superior to plastic, being a renewable and recyclable resource, pine bedroom sets are not made from just any wood. The many species of pine trees that pine bedroom sets are made from are able to grow in just about any soil, including acidic and sandy soils. The pine species is well able to adapt to extreme conditions, including ones created by location, elevation, heat, cold, drought, and many other types of drastic climates and conditions. The tree species which pine bedroom sets are constructed from are grown in many areas specifically as a source of timber, sometimes almost to the point of being invasive to other plant life. Your pine bedroom furniture will do nothing to damage the earth’s ecology or further deplete its valuable resources.

Furthermore, pine bedroom furniture sets come with many more upsides. The colour of the pine wood itself, which pine bedroom sets are made from, is generally considered to be neutral and well able to blend in with other typical bedroom furniture materials as well as a wide range of paint and wallpaper colours without being offensive.
Price is also an upside. Pine furniture tends to be less expensive than other types due to the availability of the wood and the ease with which it can be cut and joined. This does not make them of any less quality, however, as pine bedroom sets are considered to be some of the sturdiest on the market, often holding together long after others have fallen apart.

So for those interested in combining class and character together with a well-defined consciousness for the care of our planet, consider trying pine bedroom sets. Why settle for anything less?


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