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Pine Lamp Tables at Online Prices

All of our pine lamp tables have been built to a high standard and offer great value for money. Take some time to browse our pine furniture collection including TV stands, pine bookcases, pine coffee tables and pine nest of tables to compliment your new pine lamp table.

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Lamp Tables (9)
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Pine Lamp Tables: Countryside Charm

The charm of pine lamp tables can enhance your home or flat! Our impeccably built pine furniture allows a taste of the countryside into your home.

Do you live in the city and would prefer to stay close to the city life? Do you love the fresh “countryside” look that can also look modern? You do not have to relocate to enjoy that countryside charm. Pine furniture may be the key to that look and feel you desire. It may take just one.

The broad range of our pine furniture and the waxed, honey-coloured finish showcase the fine quality of the wood. The pine lamp tables are available in square or round. Competitively priced, each table is created with excellent workmanship. Pine is a soft wood which lends to easier cutting. It is also fast-growing and, therefore, less expensive than the hardwood.

Pine blends well with other selections of materials. The light colour of the wood will not stand out too much, and will fit in beautifully with light, bright, or dark colours. The occasional, natural imperfections in pine wood make each piece of furniture unique. Pine can look extremely rustic or elegant and classy. The versatility of this wood can cause it to blend with many types of decorating styles.

Creating the look of your home can be easy with Pine Furniture. The versatile pine lamp table can be used as a major decorative piece or downplayed to a more subtle, useful table. Change the total look with a different style/size lamp or cloth cover. Move the table to different parts of the room . The square and round tables can fit well with many other pieces of furniture. Pine gives a light, airy feel rather than a dark, heavy atmosphere that some furniture creates.

You do not have to live in the country to have the “country” ambiance. That countryside look and feel can be accomplished with pine furniture in a town house or city flat. The beauty of pine will complete the look and feel you desire.

Open spaces, the sounds and smells of the neighbour’s animals, and too much quiet is not the exciting lifestyle that you love, but you would still like to capture the essence of that countryside in your home. Pine furniture may be the answer. So bring that charming pine lamp table into your home and enjoy that homely, countryside feeling.


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