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All of our pine beds have been built to a high standard and offer great value for money. Please click the ”More” button for further information.

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Pine Beds

As the main focus point of your bedroom area it is important to select a bed designed in a fashion that will help to capture the overall atmosphere you are trying to create, without having the dreaded feeling that you will grow tired of the design quickly. For these reasons many people opt to purchase pine beds for their pine bedroom furniture collection. This is due to the natural beauty and allure of pine combined with the many designs that can be created using this material in construction.
Many Design Options Available for Pine Beds

One reason that so many people choose to purchase pine beds is due to the many different designs and atmospheres it can help to create. For example by simply using pine logs that have had the bark stripped away, you can create rustic looking furniture that is ideal for cabins, woodland themed bedrooms and antiqued room décors. You can just as easily find solid pine beds that are designed to be large and stately for master suites. An option for children’s bedroom furniture is another prime example of the versatility in the designs that can be created. From cribs, bunk beds, trundle beds and even fashioned toddler beds, the pine beds that you can select from are unlimited.

To match specific décor you can choose to either purchase pine bed that is stained to match your existing room molding or other pine furniture pieces that may be incorporated into the room. With the smooth surfaces that pine is known for, you can find many designs that are painted as well. This gives you the power to fall in love with the perfect bedroom masterpiece.
Easy Maintenance Requirements for Pine Beds

One major characteristic of pine wood is that it is solid and does not split, chip, crack or gouge when working with this material. When fitting the many components of pine beds together when building them there is less chance for damage to occur. This also helps to create tighter fits that do not require a great deal of adjusting while using the bed. You also will not find that it is necessary to oil the joints or jousts of the pine bed frames as often as you would when working with materials such as oak, cherry wood or maple. By simply going over your bed with wood oil soap once a year will be sufficient for helping to keep that natural shine that attracts most people to their pine bed when they spot it. Pine never goes out of style so you will have the opportunity to enjoy your bed for many years to come. Take some time to browse our pine bedside tables, pine wardrobes and pine dressing table selection as part of our pine furniture range which will compliment your new pine bed.


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