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Pine Dressing Table Mirrors

We have a great selection of pine dressing table mirrors available at on-line prices. Take time to also browse our pine dressing table and pine dressing table stool collection as part of our pine furniture range.

Dressing Table Mirror (15)
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Dressing Table Mirror (15)
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About Pine Dressing Table Mirrors

Dressing table mirrors with pine frames come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any decor. As part of a matched set or as a solitary piece, these mirrors are both functional and beautiful, adding a personal touch to your dressing area as well as providing you with a useful piece of furniture.

For the modern suite, a simple squared frame with a light or dark finish works well. The clean and simple lines and natural finish work with many other types of woods and finishes, as well, if you are matching your new pine dressing table mirror to any existing pieces. Pine works well with all contemporary decorating schemes as it can be finished to a very muted appearance or glossed to bring out its shine.

If your taste runs to the exotic, a beautiful carved mirror in white or bleached finish works well with more ornate furniture. Many of our pine dressing table mirrors are carved in a variety of patterns, allowing you to choose a piece that appeals to you. A carved mirror frame can make a truly individual statement in your decorating and becomes an artistic addition to any bedroom, reflecting your personal style and taste.

Mirrors come in a variety of sizes to match your existing furniture or a new piece. Smaller mirrors work well with simple pieces, while larger mirrors may be paired with more intricate designs. Smaller mirrors can be placed on the tops of dressing tables, while some larger mirrors will need to be anchored to a wall or the furniture itself for support. Some stationary mirrors have a spindle which allows the mirror to be turned and locked into a variety of positions, making the mirror more versatile.

Pine is a good wood for furniture, as it is solid but light and easy to stain in a variety of tones. Pine also offers a beautiful grain and lasting durability. Your pine dressing table mirror can be finished to match almost any range of hues and can be left natural or with a glossy finish. Pine is also relatively abundant, helping the cost to remain reasonable. Pine is a natural choice for bedroom dressing tables as it allows us to carve, stain, and work with the wood to create a beautiful mirror to complement your d├ęcor.


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