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Pine Stools at Online Prices

All of our pine stools have been built to a high standard and offer great value for money.

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About Pine Stools

Pine stools just might be some of the most practical furniture items that you will ever buy for yourself, and many of them would make terrific house-warming or wedding gifts too. There is hardly a spot in the house where a pine stool wouldn’t come in handy.

Pine stools are often found at kitchen counters, and not without good reason. A counter height bar stool is the perfect seat for an after school snack, a quick meal on the go, or seating for a friend or child and chatting whilst still being able to get your kitchen chores done.

Pine stools can be the solution when space is at a premium and a full-sized chair is cumbersome. Pine stools are attractive enough to fill the spot at an activity table or hobby centre.

Pine vanity stools and dressing stools can have seats upholstered to match the boudoir. You can find pine stools with contemporary, country, cabriole, Queen Anne, Shaker, or any other popular leg style. A pine dressing stool can add a touch of practical elegance to the bedroom and turn any trim table or counter top into a vanity area for applying make-up.

Pine makes the best children’s stools. It is sturdy, yet it is still just the right weight to be carried around the home. Because wood can be painted more easily than plastic or metal, pine stools are often the choice for personalising a child’s stool with his favourite theme or name.

Some pine stools are sensible working stools. A small step stool in the cupboard makes it easier to get to out of reach items. A three-legged milking stool can make working in the garden a joy. Pine stools can be used as excellent plant stands, and those with swivel tops make it easy to keep a plant turned so that it receives optimal light.

There is a beauty and warmth in pine stools that is not possible in other materials. The colour variations of the wood grain make every pine stool unique. Pine has earned a reputation for being one of the best woods for indoor furniture because of its combination of even-grained beauty, strength, ease of handling, and reasonable cost. Pine stools are also made from a renewable natural resource. Take some time to browse our pine dressing table and pine dressing table mirror selection as part of our pine furniture range, which will compliment your new pine dressing table stool.


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