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Pine Wardrobes at Online Prices

All of our pine wardrobes have been built to a high standard and offer great value for money. Please click the ”More” button for further information.

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Pine Wardrobes

Whether you are seeking addition storage space within your bedroom or you want the elegance that a wardrobe will add to the atmosphere within your room, you will be please with the many great selections of pine wardrobes that are available for your choosing. These beautiful furniture pieces are both versatile in their look and uses within your home.
Benefits of Selecting a Pine Wardrobe for Your Home

When choosing to incorporate pine wardrobes within your home, you are opening up the opportunity to own some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that can be created. These pieces serve as additional storage for your clothing and accessories while creating luxury centrepieces for the room you choose to place them in.

People opt for wardrobes constructed from pine over other wardrobes constructed out of different materials because of the benefits they give. Pine is one type of wood that can have a fast gestation period and can be harvested rather quickly with the perfect lengths necessary for creating the wardrobe sizes that are desired without having to fit multiple pieces of wood together, so a more natural, unified look is obtained when designing the pine wardrobes. These longer pieces of harvested pine are great for creating double-wide and triple-wide wardrobe styles.

As a solid wood, pine does not have a great deal of hollow spaces so it does not crack, chip or split. This makes it possible to etch details into the wood that are responsible for turning a boring piece of furniture into an amazing work of art. Even the most intricate details can be incorporated into the pine wardrobes so that you can feel as though you own a unique furniture piece that is custom made for you.

Affordability is a major concern for some customers looking for a pine wardrobe for their home. Due to the fast growing and harvesting abilities, combines with the ease of working with this type of material, the cost of a fine crafted pine wardrobe is within a low range compared to other styles you may find. This has no bearing on the quality, so customers can purchase their pine wardrobe with ease.

With pine having a reputation for being strong and durable, you will find these treasured furniture pieces to be the perfect furniture selection to pass on from one generation to another. With the personal elegance in the details you will find, this will make a great family heirloom for future recipients within your family.
Versatility of a Fine Quality Pine Wardrobe

While most people purchase pine wardrobes for use as extra space within their home, they are excellent for uses such as storing televisions, holding jewellery and other fashion accessories or for extra linen storage that may be needed. With so many uses for your wardrobes you will never wonder why you purchased these great pieces of pine furniture. You can find the pine wardrobes in designs intended for children’s rooms and nurseries, men’s clothing and accessories, women’s styles and as jewellery armoires. The actual uses you may have for your pine wardrobes may vary greatly from these suggestions. However, one thing is guaranteed. You are sure to treasure your pine wardrobe for years to come. You might also be interested in our pine beds, pine bedside tables and pine dressing table selection as part of our pine furniture range which will compliment your new pine wardrobe.


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