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We have a great range of pine dining room furniture for you to view! Simply click on one of the images below to see the full range.

Pine Dining Furniture

With people living hectic lives that are full of hustle and bustle, the one area where most of the family time together is spent is at the dining table. This is also the main focal point for entertaining within the home as well. That is why when selecting dining furniture it is important to make the right selections to create the intended atmosphere you desire. Whether you are trying to create a rustic look or you are trying to produce a more contemporary them within your dining area you will find that pine dining furniture will provide exceptional benefits.
Benefits of Selecting Pine Dining Furniture

When selecting pine dining room furniture for your home you can expect many rewarding benefits. While pine is a softwood variety it is also a solid wood material. This means that there are no hollow areas within the wood, reducing the risks of swelling, shrinking and pitting of the finished wooden furniture piece.

Affordability is another plus with many people who choose to purchase pine furniture. Pine is one of the fasted growing trees that make it possible to harvest the wood soon. It is also easier to manufacture solid pine dining furniture due to the fact that pine is an easier wood material to work with when cutting and fitting it together. Due to the grain of the wood it is less likely to make errors in going corners, joints and other angles of the furniture piece together.

Since pine dining furniture has no veneer or artificial surfacing it is easier to repair any chips, gouges or scratches that may occur in the furniture piece. By simply using a wood filler material you can fill in the damaged area and coat with a stain or paint to match the existing surface color. With the rustic appeal of pine it is even possible for these types of marks that would typically ruin a wooden piece of furniture to actual add character and enhancements to the pine dining furniture piece.

Versatility of Pine Dining Furniture for Your Home

Very few wood varieties have the versatility that you will find in a fine quality pine. With the light tones that are associated with pine wood it is possible to capture incredible colours that will compliment or contrast your room, depending on your desired results. Pine grain is very absorbent and will and will greatly emphasize your chosen stain or colour selection and add immensely to your home’s décor. One popular finish you will find when selecting among the wide variety of pine furniture designs is an antiqued look. This is actually a combination of furniture pieces that feature both stained areas most commonly on the legs and bases of the furniture piece with painted surfaces on the top portion that are distressed. Regardless of the design of your new pine dining furniture one thing is definite – you will love your furniture for many years to come and can expect it to last through even some of the toughest and roughest conditions it may encounter.


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