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Blanket Boxes at Online Prices

All of our pine blanket boxes have been built to a high standard and offer great value for money.

Blanket Boxes (6)
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Blanket Boxes (6)
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Blanket Boxes

Blankets, linens, quilts, and throw pillows are something that just about everyone has extras of. Maybe you like to rotate your decorative pillows and quilts depending on season, or perhaps there’s a special hand-made throw that you want to preserve from everyday wear and tear. Whatever the case, blanket boxes are the solution to your storage needs.

Blanket boxes are available in a variety of beautiful, natural woods, including pine. They can be large features of a room or smaller, ottoman-sized boxes depending on how much storage space you need. You can tuck pine blanket box in a corner, sit them at the end of a bed, or make them part of the overall room décor. Wood furniture such as pine looks great in any room.

Pine blanket boxes can also double as toy chests for the kids’ favourite playthings. Whether stained or painted, these pieces of pine furniture are a great addition to any child’s room. The rugged nature of real woods like pine means that what starts as a way to keep a youngster’s things tidy can grow with them until they begin to use it as a place to store their own blankets and linens.

This durability is essential when considering long-term storage for precious heirlooms like handmade throws and quilts. Blanket boxes keep your most treasured items neat and clean as well as free of damage from pests and light. Having reliable storage space means that your handmade favourites remain beautiful over time.

Your décor will also remain beautiful when you choose blanket boxes made from pine or other real woods. Tossing your linens and throw pillows in a cheap hamper or plastic bin won’t do much to keep them looking nice, and the outward appearance of the storage space won’t be very nice, either. Pine furniture brings the beauty of natural grain and the reliability of real wood to your home.

Blanket boxes are a smart investment for anyone who has extra blankets or linens that need storing. The solid, attractive appearance of these pieces makes them at home in any room, giving you storage space that adds to the beauty of your home rather than detracting from it. Take some time to browse our pine beds, pine wardrobes and pine bedside tables selection as part of our pine furniture range which will compliment your new pine blanket box.


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