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Finding the Perfect Pine Chest of Drawers

Those decorating with pine furniture may wish to consider a pine chest of drawers as a functional, or purely decorative, accent piece. Drawers are necessary in almost any home to keep personal objects from view as well as to store clothes and linens; however, there is no reason such pieces must be dull or unattractive. Those who use pine furniture know that there is no better way to create a warm and appealing atmosphere in any room, and a pine chest of drawers can add the perfect touch.

One of the nicest features about these pieces is their versatile characteristics. A pine chest of drawers is a cost-effective investment, and there are a vast array of models from which to choose. One can select from large, wide models that are built to hold a wide variety of items, to smaller, more delicate looking pieces that serve as decorative objects in which small items can be stored. Additionally, those who do not want furniture that has a wooden look will be pleased to know that pine is easily painted to match the décor in any room.

Some models, such as the Chichester 2 Drawer Hall Unit offer a combination of drawers and shelves. The top half of this model features two side by side drawers in which one can store items he or she wishes to keep out of view, and two large shelves on the bottom on which decorative items can be displayed. If one is working with limited space, he or she can choose a model that fits easily into a corner of the room such as the Provence Tall Chest, or the English Heritage Slim Jim. Both feature multiple drawers that are stacked vertically in order to save space, while at the same time adding a lovely appearance to the room. Those who want to brighten up an otherwise bland room may opt for a white pine chest of drawers which will blend well with almost any décor. Regardless of one’s personal taste, a pine chest of drawers can be found to fit every budget and lifestyle.


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