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Pine Beds: A Lifetime of Value

If you’re looking for attractive, durable furniture for the bedroom, browse through our selection of pine beds. The bed is the centrepiece of a room, and sets the style and tone for the rest of the décor. Choosing a new bed for yourself or a family member is a big decision in decorating terms, and pine double beds are a great option. After all, what’s the first thing you notice upon entering a bedroom? Most times, it’s the bed, the largest piece of bedroom furniture in the room. Piled with comfortable covers and pillows, and set off by a headboard of beautiful polished wood, it might give you the urge to snuggle up and try it out.

Our pine beds are solidly built, and meant to give long-lasting beauty and great value. Pine has been a choice wood for furniture for centuries. While not as hard a wood as some others, it grows more quickly, thus being classified as a renewable resource. While selecting pine beds helps you by giving great value for your money, it also helps the environment; it’s a choice you can feel good about.

Whatever décor or theme you had in mind, we’re sure to have pine beds that fit that motif. From rustic styles that are perfect for a masculine or sporting-themed room to English country styles that make you picture a rose-covered cottage in the Cotswold, we can meet your needs. We offer a variety of international styles from the clean lines of the Scandinavian design to the carved Mexican look, and many in-between. Some prefer pine beds with solid headboards, and we have a variety of those, both straight and curved. Others prefer pine beds with the slatted boards, and we have several lovely styles in that type, also.

Our pine beds come in sizes from single to king; most styles are available in all sizes. We have a lovely selection of bunk beds for children and youth, which are especially handy for small rooms, or where more open floor space is desired.

Newly-weds or families on a budget will find our prices very competitive, while everyone will appreciate the quality of our pine beds. Sturdy, durable, and available in a several different finishes, pine furniture will last you a lifetime.Take time to browse our full selection of products; you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for.


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