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Pine Blanket Boxes: More Than Just a Box

Pine is a wood that is naturally beautiful, lends itself to so many designs, and smells heavenly. The aroma of pine furniture makes us think of homey, cosy things; we relax and feel happy. It’s no wonder that so much bedroom furniture is made with pine. What can be a better way to store blankets than pine blanket boxes?

The world of pine blanket boxes covers many styles and price ranges. Pine is easily to worked with, and is a natural pest repellent. It takes well to stains, varnishes, and paints. Pine is a very durable wood as well, and buying items such as pine blanket boxes is always a good investment in the lasting beauty of the home.

The most popular way of using pine blanket boxes is to place them at the foot of the bed where, not only is it the most practical place to put blankets, but most can also be used as a bench-like seat. Very comfortable in a small bedroom; more floor space, and a pine blanket boxes are handy whilst dressing and tying laces.

As seasons change, so does the usefulness of pine blanket boxes. Spring may be in the air, but night time temperatures can vary widely. This is when we catch those change-of-weather colds that take so long to get over. With pine blanket boxes just at the end of the bed, popping on another blanket is fast and convenient, and we are back to sleep in no time, thanks to pine blanket boxes.

During the winter, blankets on the bed leaves extra room in pine blanket boxes. This versatile space can store warm weather bed- and summer clothes, extra jumpers and hoodies, an armful of books you plan to read during long evenings and more; these pine blanket boxes can hold anything and everything.

Another traditional use for pine blanket boxes is as a “hope chest”. Not so long ago, teenage girls would begin to make blankets and other linens, start to collect household items, and put them away in their chest, hoping to use them after a fine and happy wedding. Perhaps your daughter is too busy with college plans to care much about her future household, but it is a fine tradition, pine blanket boxes marking the progress of daughters into womanhood, and holding their dreams.

We all love beautiful, sturdy, well-made furniture and pine blanket boxes fits that description perfectly.


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