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Pine Bookcases – Look like a Beauty, Work like a Beast

Pine bookcases are a fabulous investment in furniture, and every home needs at least one. Pine bookcases come in all styles and finishes. You can find dark-stained Old World or campaign styles, lacquered Asian finishes, mid-toned contemporary or French provincial, warm mission style or Moroccan finishes, waxed cottage and simple Shaker designs, lighter Tuscan and Art Deco selections, and even white-washed shabby chic. Pine bookcases can be tall, short, wide, slender, and come with or without doors. If you have a favourite style, you can find it in pine.

Pine bookcase offers more than their obvious sense of flair. Pine wood has a reputation for being ‘stable in service’. That means it can make a strong piece of furniture, capable of standing up to use. Pine will glue, nail, and accept screws easily without splitting. It has a straight and even wood grain, so the shelves will not bow or warp.

More than any other piece of pine furniture, a bookcase is at home in any room, and it does not necessarily have to hold books. A pine bookcase can hold curios in a living room, plants in a conservatory, or trophies in a hallway. Some pine bookcases have glass doors, making them excellent for storing the good china in a dining room. It’s always convenient to have a small bookcase in the bedroom for late-night reading, and a bookcase is indispensable for holding supplies in a home office.

Pine bookcases are practical additions to any child’s room or playroom. Favourite books and toys can be kept in tubs or bins on the lower shelves. and the higher shelves can be used for all sorts of items. Special anchoring hardware like that often used in earthquake zones is available to keep tall bookcases from toppling over should a child attempt test his climbing skills.

Pine’s straight wood grain makes a beautiful, affordable bookcase for anyone who must keep an eye on the budget. Pine is the perfect wood for casual living. Pine is easy to maintain, and it is easy to restore most natural finishes as well. Because it is real wood, it holds its value over the years. Since pine is grown as a sustainable crop in managed forests, buying a pine bookcase is also an earth-friendly purchase.

We believe that you will be thrilled with your pine bookcase for many years to come.


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