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Pine Dining Room Furniture Is Perfect for Everyone

Pine dining room furniture is the perfect choice when decorating a flat or house. Warm and inviting, pine is the most versatile wood in the world. It can be stained to resemble any other wood- even bird’s eye maple. It is the easiest to paint – no special wood treatment is needed. Pine readily withstands being stripped and painted, no matter how many times it has been done. If left unfinished it develops a golden hue over time and is still beautiful.

Give Pine Dining Room Furniture as an anniversary present or as a house-warming gift. It will last for generations and become a sought-after family heirloom. Redecorating is easily done with a different coloured tablecloth and slip covers for the chairs. Paint the set to resemble furniture that is more expensive and keep it a family secret. Repairing scratches or stains is easily accomplished when stained and sealed or painted, just wipe clean with soap and water. If the bare wood look is desired, a little fine grit sandpaper and the stain or scratch disappears.

Pine Dining Room Furniture is lighter in weight than oak. This makes rearranging the room or carrying it upstairs far easier. It is less expensive than other types of wood, which makes it affordable for every budget. Every furniture style can be made from pine from classic to contemporary and modern. Reproductions of fine antiques are frequently made from pine. This provides affordability for many different budgets. Chairs made with the finest spindles or in the modern chunky style are always in vogue.

There are tables and chairs made to fit every size of dining area. No matter what table shape is desired: round, oval, square or rectangular, pine easily lends itself to the design. From small enough for one or two people to extension tables that can seat a dozen people, all sizes can be found. Even drop-leaf tables made in square, rectangular or triangular shape are available in pine. There are even pieces that can be taken apart on moving day and reassembled in the new dining room. This takes the stress out of moving and packing is easy.

Make pine dining room furniture the focal point of all your family’s meals. At holidays and celebrations, pine furniture can have a place of honour all its own.


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