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Pine Furniture Pieces Always Make Great Additions

Furniture has always been an integral part of civilization and reflects a larger sense of who we are. As civilization has advanced, so has the sophistication of our homes and our furniture. Rather than simply serving a purpose, craftsmen have turned pieces of furniture into ornate works of art. Even now, when modern design favours simplistic details, the quality and craftsmanship of furniture can be exquisite. Furniture has been made from all sorts of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood. Traditionally, wood has been favoured to make furniture, as it is usually in abundance and relatively easy to work with. Because wood has been a popular choice, the variety of approaches to woodworking and interpretations of style have only grown over the centuries. Wooden furniture continues to be one of the most popular choices for furniture today.

Originally, wooden furniture was made locally, so the choice in timber was restricted to trees of the area. As international trade is now commonplace, furniture can be made from nearly any type of wood available. The most popular choices for wooden furniture have been hard woods, such as oak and mahogany. However, an often overlooked option is pine furniture. Pine has been a popular choice for furniture since the beginning of the 19th century. Pine is lighter than other woods, which makes it easier to work with. It is also easily accessible and in abundance, and therefore less expensive than other woods (such as oak). But it is still just as durable and stable. Pine holds its shape, so there is no warping or splitting. A piece of pine furniture can last for generations with the proper care.

Some find darker woods appealing, but this is no reason to rule out pine. It is porous enough, and usually light enough to take a variety of finishes, giving the illusion of a more expensive hardwood. The natural colour of pine is beautiful, and many styles of furniture embrace this, applying only a coat of enamel or wax. If you want the furniture to look as though it has been in the family for generations, pine can be lightened to give it an antiquated look. Of course, pine can also be painted or veneered, however many desire the look of the original wood grain. Notably, different species of pine are used to make furniture, so colours and wood grains vary.

In addition to the finish of the wood, many styles are available. When seeking furniture today, there is a much broader selection than ever before. Craftsmen from around the globe are influencing current styles, which stress simplistic design and practicality. Of course, traditional styles of furniture are still popular. Many pieces of pine furniture are heavily influenced by different time periods and different cultures. In fact, culturally influenced furniture is growing in popularity, such as Mexican-style Segusino furniture. Many find the wood to be most beautiful when left in its natural colour, and following simplistic or rustic designs.

Because pine is inexpensive and easy to work with, all types of furniture can be found in this material. Many find pine furniture a great choice for children’s rooms, because it is inexpensive and durable. But there are plenty of furniture options in pine. You can find everything you need for every room in the house, in styles to accommodate any design taste. From the basics, such as bed frames, dining room tables, and night stands, to exquisite wine holders, CD holders, sideboards, and television stands, you can find the furniture you want. You can decorate your entire home, or simply add a few accent pieces. Pine furniture is sure to add a warmth and charm to your home that will be timeless.


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