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Pine Nest of Tables is Attractive and Multipurpose

Pine nest of tables is a small collection of tables made out of pine that fit together as one unit. There are usually three but it is also possible to get them in twos or fours. The more tables there are the larger the first one needs to be and the smaller the last one needs to be. They are multi-purpose furniture that saves space because they can rest in a small space when not in use but can be used as several individual tables. They can be used as side tables for coffee and snacks for visitors or as temporary game tables for chess, checkers or a small game of cards.

Pine nest of tables come is several different sizes, but the smallest should not be too tiny if it is to be useful. The location in a room where the nest of tables will be used should be chosen first then the right size can be found. How the tables fit into the décor is another important point to consider. Will they be out of the way usually and only brought out when they are needed or will they be showcased as part of the overall décor?

The designs for pine nest of tables can be very sleek and contemporary or ornately carved for a Mediterranean, Mexican or Art Deco style. It is also possible to find high quality, solid pine reproductions of antiques or other expensive furniture for a fraction of the cost. They are light coloured softwood that can be treated to resemble hardwood. This is a low cost way to match other furniture. Some pine also has knots which are darker swirls that add richness and texture to the furniture. However, pine without knots is also available. If matching other furniture isn’t necessary the cost for pine nest tables will come down considerably because the simplest style with natural finish will be a good choice.

Pine nest of tables can be stored easily. They can be put in a spare room or under stairs with things stored under them as well as on top. They are very convenient for parties or to display photos, plants or candles. A pine nest of tables may be one of the most useful pieces of pine furniture to own. They are a great and attractive combination of a space saving unit and several useful small tables when needed.


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