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Pine Sideboards Add Elegance To Your Home

Does your home décor lack a certain elegance that you can’t put your finger on. You love your furniture and the colours you’ve chosen but you just need something to set the place off. You may want to consider purchasing pine sideboards.

A sideboard is a piece of furniture that is typically long and slender with 5 or more drawers that has traditionally been used in the dining room to hold dishes and silverware and as a serving table. Sideboards were originated in England in the 1770s and featured in Hepplewhite’s Guide, a book that woodworkers and furniture makers relied upon for inspiration and direction.

Pine is the perfect wood for elegant pine sideboards because the colour blends well with other woods. Pine comes in light or dark but is unassuming in either shade. There’s little doubt you could find pine sideboards to match any colour scheme. It is an attractive, light, natural looking wood that has diverse patterns of grain and texture. Every piece of pine furniture is unique with it’s own distinct look. Pine sideboards receive compliments from family and friends because of the elegance and class they add to a home’s décor.

Pine sideboards are small enough to place against any wall without cluttering up a room, yet with their many drawers and compartments is extremely functional no matter which room they may be in. In the 18th century, American fine dining rooms displayed their best meals on sideboards when serving their most respected patrons. Today pine sideboards can be found in any room, including the bedroom to store blankets and linens. Any place where extra storage is needed would look that much better with pine sideboards.

Pine sideboards are guilt-free purchases because most pine now comes from renewable forests. This means that your purchase will not harm the environment. Because of pine’s availability, you can choose from a variety of styles of pine sideboards to suit your particular décor. Pine is quickly becoming today’s green consumer’s wood of choice.

Perhaps one of the best features of purchasing pine sideboards is it’s cost. In today’s economy home owners need to get the most from every purchase. Pine is the least expensive wood you can find. Pine sideboards save money while providing rooms with attractive pieces of functional furniture.


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