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Pine Wardrobes, the Natural Place to Hang Your Clothes

Wardrobes are fast becoming essential parts of many bedroom décors. Whether you need one because you have limited space or perhaps because your collection of clothing is large, there is a wardrobe design available to suit your taste. Since it will most likely be the second largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, choosing the wardrobe that’s right for you could not be more important.

Wardrobes are available in a number of woods, including walnut, oak and cherry among others. While beautiful, these tend to be quite costly. Equally attractive and even more versatile are pine wardrobes. No matter what colour your bedroom may be, the beautiful light shade of this softer wood will blend perfectly. In addition, your wardrobe will be made out of a natural timber that does not come from old growth trees and doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels to manufacture, as plastics do. Because pine is a softer timber and easier to shape and craft, making pine furniture also does not require the degree of labour that hardwood models require. For this reason, pine wardrobes are easier on your budget—while continuing to be versatile and stunning.

Now that you have decided to explore the world of pine bedroom furniture, you will be amazed at the variety of styles from which to choose. To make the process easier, first determine how you want to use your pine wardrobe. Will you be hanging mostly dresses and gowns or primarily shorter clothing? Will a man be using the wardrobe and perhaps needing storage below the hanging area? Then figure out how much space you have, and do not neglect to take narrow areas or sloping ceilings into consideration. For tighter places such as these, children’s wardrobes are definitely an option. Third, you must ask yourself if you want to buy one of a number of pine wardrobes that fit into an alcove or if you would prefer a free-standing type. In many ways, the latter is preferable. This is because free-standing pine wardrobes can be moved should you choose to rearrange your room or move house. These days, most people do not stay in the same home throughout their adult life, making a more portable piece of furniture quite practical and desirable. Free-standing pine wardrobes come in a number of styles, including open hanging, types you assemble yourself, those that are pre-assembled, and even relatively types known ad knock downs that are pre-assembled, but allow for easy re-assembly if you need to move.

Whatever you ultimately choose, pine wardrobes will perform two vital functions in your bedroom. First, they will provide natural beauty that matches any décor. Perhaps even more importantly, they will enable you to make the most of your space and allow you to store and organize your clothes in an attractive and practical way.


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