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Versatility of Pine Coffee Tables

Whether you are moving in to a new flat or are just wanting to redecorate the old place, a pine coffee table is a good piece of furniture to accentuate your décor. Pine is a versatile softwood that comes in a number of different varieties.

From Europe and Northern Asia comes the Deal Pine tree. This is a white wood with many darker coloured knots that makes an excellent material for antiqued pine coffee tables. The pine is easy to cut to shape and can be sanded to a smooth surface and stained. A light brown stain will give a somewhat country look to tour pine coffee table and a darker stain may be more appropriate for a rustic look. The easy availability of deal pine makes it one of the most popular forms of pine in England for making furniture.

The native American White Pine is another very popular type for making pine coffee tables. This wood has a close and uniform texture with very few knots or dark blemishes. The white pine is great for applying different finishes. Paint and enamel finishes adhere to white pine better than practically any other service. The white pine holds its shape well, does not warp, does not shrink and is not subject to cracking. Pine coffee tables made out of this pine are relatively lightweight and quite easy to maintain.

A third variation is Southern Yellow Pine which, as its name implies, is found in the southern part of the United States. This would is similar in nature to white pine, but tends to be a little darker and may have slightly more blemishes. Finishing techniques, particularly staining, can make a brand new pine coffee table look like it is 100 years old.

The versatility of a pine coffee table is a key selling feature. It can come in round, oval, square or rectangular shapes to fit your preference. Sturdy construction makes it a perfect place to display some books, rest your weary legs or even set a cup of coffee down. You can add it as an accent piece to some of your other furniture or it can stand on its own.

Pine furniture in general and pine coffee tables come with very reasonable prices. They are also very practical. It may not be on the scale of a life-changing decision, but, owning a pine coffee table is a smart choice to enhance your home furnishings.


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